Friday, March 17, 2017

CNN's Attack on Steve Bannon

Genrikh Yagoda
Diana West wrote a column in Breitbart on March 15 in response to CNN’s attempt to discredit Steve Bannon.  In 2013 Bannon did an interview with Diana West in which he stated that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right about Communist infiltration of the U.S. government.  As we all know Joseph McCarthy was a “witch hunter” who destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent people.  We know this because it is in all the history books.  The only problem with this contention is that it is completely fabricated.  Joseph McCarthy was destroyed by the same institutions that convinced many Americans that Joseph Stalin was a great democratic leader during the Second World War.  No one can withstand the establishment’s scrutiny.  If it cannot find dirt on an individual it will manufacture it.  Hopefully the current president will prove me wrong.

Diana West has a very optimistic view of this situation.  She believes, “once you pull the plug on Joseph McCarthy and understand the extent to which America was subverted, .  . . it overturns our entire conception of ourselves as a nation, and our own history.”  “Progressives” have been in the business of overturning “our entire conception of ourselves as a nation” for generations.  No crime committed by Americans in the process of settling the United States can be overlooked, unless it is a crime committed by “progressives.”  This is the Howard Zinn school of history.  Anyone who criticizes this view of history has to be professionally destroyed.  Steven Ambrose made a big issue that James Bacque was not a professional historian.  It turns out that Steven Ambrose was a complete fraud.  This school of history will not be displaced easily.  As Lenin has said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  A large number of people are emotionally invested in the progressive ideology.  Facts will have no impact on their thinking. 

Still, “progressives” will do anything to protect their narrative.  That is why, “60-year-old FBI documents that have been ‘declassified’ but the redactions, or censoring black lines, are so heavy that you can’t read them. They’re basically unreadable.”

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