Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Morgenthau Plan Goes Down the Memory Hole

My book was recently purged from Wikipedia.  The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Planning has been chucked down the memory hole.  Of course there were legitimate reasons for its deletion.  I asked Wikipedia to explain and they kindly responded:

I've just removed the material referenced to the book The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy as it does not appear to be a reliable source. The book's publisher Alora Publishing looks like a publisher of WP:FRINGE-type works judging from what it chooses to highlight on its website, and I could not find any reviews of the book in reliable sources, and many of the references to it on the internet are to extremist websites. The author's website is also not typical of that of a neutral historian. Nick-D (talk) 22:41, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
Worldcat shows it owned by 1319 libraries, a very substantial number. This of course does not mean it is an authority, but it might appear to be of considerable interest. Google Scholar shows it has been cited 16 times, as follows: [6]. DGG  (David Goodman) ( talk ) 20:21, 14 July 2015 (UTC) (I wrote this is response to an OTRS query asking about the removal of the book).

According to Nick the book is not a reliable source.  But he seems to think it was published by Alora Publishing, a publisher of “fringe-type” works.  I tried to find Alora Publishing but was not successful.  I contacted my publisher and he thought that Nick’s comments may have been a joke.  Nick claims that he could not find any reviews of my book in reliable sources.  I guess Publishers’ Weekly and Choice magazine (by the American Library Association, for academic libraries) are not considered reliable.  Perhaps it was wrong of the BBC to contact me for an interview in Things We Forgot to Remember.  My blog is not and has never claimed to be the work of a neutral historian.  

Nick raises one troubling point about my book: “many of the references to it on the internet are to extremist websites.”  I do not have any control over who references my work. In my research I have run across a great deal of anti-Semitism.  This is unfortunate because it is a distraction and it is used to discredit anyone looking for the truth.  Many of the key people involved with the Morgenthau Plan were Jewish, however, one of its strongest critics, Victor Gollancz, was also a Jew.  I am not aware of any extremist claims in my book although its conclusions might be considered outrageous.  We are living in interesting times and some even think the Little Sisters of the Poor are extremists.

The bottom line is: Who is more credible?  Check the Algora Publishing website.  If you believe it is “fringe” you will agree with Nick.  If you check it out and wonder what Nick is talking about then you will know why Wikipedia has a well deserved bad reputation for veracity. I am confident that you will find Algora Publishing a reasonable company.  I can not speak for Alora.

Friday, July 3, 2015

How extensive was Western complicity in Soviet crimes?

Diana West has again raised the question of Western complicity in Soviet crimes in "American Betrayal: Nuremberg and the Nazi-Soviet Pact."  This is the 75th anniversary of the Nazi-Soviet Pact.  This particular case involves the suppression by the American and British authorities of evidence contained in the secret protocol of the Hitler-Stalin Pact.  It was a widely known historical fact that the Soviets had come to an agreement with the Hitler regime to divide Poland between them.  The German invasion of Poland was the immediate cause of the Second World War.  It was followed two weeks later by the Russian invasion of their agreed upon eastern part of Poland.

It was necessary to suppress this evidence because the German high command  was being charged with “conspiracy to wage aggressive war.”  It would damage the image of the Nuremberg trail as a "model of international justice" if it was pointed out that the Soviets, sitting in judgment of the Germans, were themselves guilty of the same crime.  The Soviets originally planned to charge the Germans with committing the Katyn Forest Massacre.  This was the execution in Katyn Forest and other locations of 25,700 Polish prisoners captured by the Soviet.  Their case was so weak that they thought it wise to not include it.  The whole proceeding was described by Judge Learned Hand  as "A step backward in international law."

The Western officials had good reason to protect their Soviet "allies."  They were trying to maintain the good will of their Russian counterparts.  They also did not want other matter to come to light.  Diana West mentions the forced repatriation of over two million eastern Europeans to the Soviet Union.  But there is much more they wanted to conceal.  The Western role in the slave trade and the engineered famine are the two most indefensible policies.  Germany was transformed into a paradise for looters.  Even the chief U.S. Prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson took part in this orgy of looting, obtaining two grand pianos at bargain basement prices.    

She points out that the perpetrators of these crimes were "allowed to slip away unrecognized, unjudged, unpunished."  Why would these criminals, whose death toll exceeded the Nazis, be allowed to escape judgment after the fall of the Soviet Union?  Diana West provides a partial answer.  The decisive opposition to a Nuremberg style trial came from the West.  What did the leaders of the West have to hide?

Book Review - Adios America


           Ann Coulter has stirred up quite a controversy on an emotion laden subject.  For this her critics have commented, “her jingoistic sophistry is quite similar to the Nazi archives,” “Hitler reincarnated! ,” “Hate filled screed,” “Filled with white supremacist propaganda,” and my favorite, “If you ever want to know how a 21 year old kid could find enough hate, racism and bigotry to do what he did in Charleston, read this book.”  Ann Coulter is at least partially responsible for mass murder.  Much of this reaction is the result of her confrontational style.  Much of what she says is correct but it is related in what could be called an unartful style.  As our nation is fundamentally transformed Ann can anticipate being committed to a mental institution.  Soviet psychiatrists had a diagnosis for her aliment: “sluggish schizophrenia.”  Baseball player John Rocker was forced to undergo psychological counseling for a similar ailment.

            When she deals with the bipartisan support for legal and illegal immigration she could have used Bertolt Brecht’s quote after the East German uprising in 1953: “Would it not be easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?” This is essentially what our elites are determined to do.  Demographic transformation through immigration is a phenomenon throughout the Western world.  The British elite’s plan was revealed by insider Andrew Neather who said Labour's relaxation of immigration controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration.”  Government agencies responsible for protecting our borders are not doing a very effective job.
Nearly 200 murderers, over 400 rapists, and 300 kidnappers in the U.S. illegally were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement while awaiting deportation proceedings.  Ángel Reséndiz, “The Railway Killer,” responsible for as many as 15 murders was in the custody of U.S. immigration officials on at least 19 occasions.

            It is often said that we are a nation of immigrants.  However, the nature of this immigration has changed.  The problem with this massive Völkerwanderung in not that it is non-Western.  The problem is that it is often anti-Western.  This appeals to many progressives who have a less than favorable view of the United States.  As Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, future Pope Benedict XVI, said: "There is a self-hatred in the West that can be considered only as something pathological.”

            Samuel P. Huntington uses the term “Anglo-Protestant culture” to describe the value system that built the U.S. that is under attack by many progressives.  Ann uses the term “white,” and this has allowed her critics to accuse her of racism.  This “Anglo-Protestant culture” is shared by many white Americans but it is not their exclusive property.  Many immigrants are more committed to it and other successful value systems than many Americans.  Amy Tan related the story of her half-sister who arrived from China in 1983.  She and her husband worked at two dead-end jobs.  Her sister said, “I know I’ll never get ahead that far.  I’m working hard.   We’re doing fine  But it’s my children who are going to do well, for us.”  Both of their children were in college.  It is not unusual for a European to speak several foreign languages.  Many Mexicans seem to take pride in the fact that they do not speak English even after years in the U.S.  They make a concerted effort not to learn the language.  This is a reflection of their culture and it works to their disadvantage.

            This leads us to Ann’s major crime: her contention that some cultures are superior to others.  We know that this is not true because it is denounced in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Adopted by General Assembly Resolution 61/295.  This declaration states,  indigenous peoples are equal to all other peoples,” and, “all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating superiority of peoples or individuals on the basis of national origin or racial, religious, ethnic or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust.”

            This is a concept that is difficult to digest.  Even immigrants have trouble accepting it.  Mohammed Abbas, an Iranian refugee who came to Sweden in 1994, stated, “In the old days the neighbourhood was more Swedish and life felt like a dream, but now there are just too many foreigners.”  When Ann is in our own Serbsky Institute I suggest a treatment.  She should be made to write “Diversity is our strength” on a blackboard 50 times every day.