Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Selective Outrage

People are naturally upset about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitic remarks.  Why is she being singled out when others are protected by the media?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Deep State Media Promotes Yet Another Hoax

Media coverage of the alleged Jussie Smollett will have unfortunate consequences.  

Coverage of the alleged attack on black homosexual entertainer Jussie Smollett will slowly fade into the sunset.  Many prominent people in the media and politics have commented on the case and when it is revealed as a hoax their credibility will suffer further damage.  It is best to let it quietly slide down the memory hole.  Smollettwas supposedly attacked by two assailants at about 2:00 AM on the morning of 29 January.  This was one of the coldest nights of the year at minus 12 degreesand a wind chill of minus 20. Smollett claimed that he was attacked by two men who called him'Empiref****t n*****', beat him, poured an "unknown chemical substance" on him and put a rope around his neck.  One report claims the attackers “used their teethas well as hands and feet as weapons.” Yes, Smollett claims he was bitten.  Even hillbillies should know that it is inadvisable to bite a homosexual.  When police arrived at Smollett’s residence he was still wearing the ropehis alleged attackers had given him.

Police claim they are withholding some information in order to verify reports from people still coming forward.  A Smollett neighbor claimed to have seen a “redneckwith a rope. Unfortunately this “redneck” with a rope did not fit the description provided by Smollett.  An anonymous witness saw a "hillbillylooking" character in the area.  How do rednecks and hillbillies dress in minus 12 degree weather?  Apparently these attackers were considerate enough not to interrupt Jussie’s telephone conversation or damage his sandwich. His original police report did not mention the fact that the attackers shouted 'this is MAGA country.’  This was added later.

The Chicago Police Department is not sparing any expense to find the alleged perpetrators.  Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmisaid “We are starting to search stores to see if any of this kind of rope was purchased in the area.”  The FBI is reportedly also involved.  Video footage of the area is being viewed for evidence. Guglielmi said investigators would go “painstakingly” through footage to reconstruct what Smollett said happened.  Two individuals have been found on video in the area about at the same time as Smollett’s alleged attack.  The video is worthless for identification purposes.  For some reason authorities are interested in whether these people are “homeless or otherwise."  It has recently been reported that Smollett was on camera for all but about 60 secondsof his trip.  This would make it almost impossible for the attack to take place. 

Smollettsaid, “I am working with authorities and have been 100% factual and consistent on every level.”  Smollett did not tell police in his first interview that his attackers yelled 'this is MAGA country.'  Smollett's manager, Brandon Z. Moore,said that he was on the phonewith him when the incident happened and that he heard the attackers shouting 'This is MAGA country!'.  On Friday, the head of the police department, Superintendent Eddie Johnson, said Smollett had been “very cooperative and we have no reason at this point to think he’s not being genuine with us.” The Chicago Police Department issued a statement claiming, “The victim is fully cooperating with investigators" Yet Smollett refused to surrender his phonein order to verify that he was talking to his manager during the attack.  A week after the attack the police superintendent was beginning to show signs of skepticism.  He reported that Smollett was still being considered a victim, but if investigators found that he had made a false report he would be held accountable. 

President Trumpwas asked about this attack during a press conference.  He responded, “That, I can tell you, is horrible.  I’ve seen it, last night. I think that’s horrible. It doesn’t get worse as far as I’m concerned.”  Was a president ever asked about 13-month-old Antonio Santiagowho was shot in the face at point blank range in front of his mother or 12-year-old Jonathan Fosterwas murdered with a blowtorch or 5-month-old Andre Jenkinswho was placed in a clothes dryer by his babysitter. These were all hate crimes that the media chose not to highlight.  

The media’s exaggerated promotion of stories allegedly revealing racial bias has consequences.  The Tawana Brawley rape hoax, The Duke Lacrosse rape hoax and numerous false claims of police brutality have enraged members of the Black community.  The murder of 7-year-old black girl, Jazmine Barnes, was national news when it was reported that he murderer was white.  When it was determined that the assailant was black it was no longer news. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

The FBI Drops In - Revisited

The purpose of the raid on Roger Stone’s house was to intimidate anyone foolish enough to work for Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The raid on Roger Stone’s house would be considered ridiculous and worthy of a Keystone Kops episode if it were not so frightening.  Imagine yourself responsible for arresting a 66 year old, non-violent, offender.  If he is alerted he might destroy evidence.  It is important to catch him by surprise. What would you do? You might send three officers. Two officers would knock on the front door and announce themselves.  One officer could cover the back of the home in the unlikely event the subject attempted to flee.  The three men could accomplish the stated mission without a problem. What took place at the Stone residence?

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano29 government agents were involved in the pre-dawn raid.  Many were armed with high-powered automatic rifles and what CNN Alisyn Camerota called flap jackets. Seventeen SUVs, two armored vehicles, two amphibious watercrafts and a helicopter equipped with long-range precision weaponry took part in the raid.  Two of the officers held a battering ram.   Napolitano pointed out “more FBI agents [were] sent to arrest Stone than Navy SEALs sent to kill Osama bin Laden.”  Napolitano estimated the raid cost approximately half a million dollars.  This was done during a government “shut down.”  

This was clearly a KGB style operation.  It was designed to accomplish much more than an attest.  That is why CNN was informed of the raid to insure maximum media coverage.  Stoneexplained, “this was meant to do two things. One, to taint the jury pool, to paint a picture for the American people that I’m some sort of criminal, even though I’m charged with non-violent process crimes, and also to send a message to others.”

Stonehas been demonized in the press.  A media campaign to destroy someone can have deadly consequences.  Stone complained, “The hatred, the death threats, the threats against my children, the threats to disfigure my wife.  I’ve had people call the house and say, ‘We know where your children go to school,’ and hang up. The left is sick in this country. They are mentally ill.”  Stone reported that he is looking at $2 million in legal bills and his consulting business has been ruined.  In spite of this CNN’s Jake Tapperwas able to comment about Stone’s possible imprisonment, “He might like it.”  

The primary purpose of the raid was a warning to anyone foolish enough to agree to work on a Trump campaign in 2020.  The FBI under Christopher Wray is firmly under the control of the Deep State.  People must know that if they do not cooperate the Deep State will go after their family.  Stonereported, that he feared that his wife could be shot for not complying with an order because she is hearing impaired.  He claimed, “They brought my wife out, in her nightgown, also in bare feet, to stand next to me.” The Deep State will often go after family members.  Tommy Robinson’s wife was threatened with arrest in Britain if he would not cooperate.  Fortunately the agents did not feel it was necessary to shoot Stone’s dog.  Stone knows whom he is dealing with.  If he had any incriminating evidence on his home computer he should be convicted; not for collusion but for stupidity.  The circumstances surrounding this raid must be investigated.