Monday, March 6, 2017

Bush Joins the Never Trumpers

The elite narrative is that Donald Trump is an anti-semitic, racist, plutocrat put into power by a Russian dictator who wants to stifle the press and cripple the intelligence community.  The elite has enlisted several prominent Republicans to its cause.  Most recently former President George Bush joined their ranks.  CNN analyst David Gergen claimed that Bush, “holds to an old-fashioned standard that the presidency is one of the world's greatest fraternities and its members don't criticize each other."  Through eight years of the Obama Administration Bush remained silent.  In 2009 he stated that the new President, “deserves my silence. There's plenty of critics in the arena. I think it's time for the ex-president to tap dance off the stage and let the current president have a go at solving the world's problems."  In 2017 Bush apparently had a change of heart.

Bush told People Magazine, “I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated.”  Bush was also critical of Trump’s supposed view of the media: "I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy.”  He condemned Trump’s characterization of the media as an "enemy of the people."  He also implied that Trump does not believe the media is indispensable.  Bush also believes that "we all need answers" on the extent of contact between President Donald Trump's team and the Russian government.  Bush claimed he didn’t intend to criticize Trump.  He explained, "I understand people interpreting my remarks and that's why I don't give a lot of remarks."

The problem with the elite narrative is that it is all based on flimsy evidence and intentional misinterpretation.   Perhaps the only valid criticism of Trump is that he is a plutocrat.  He is not embarrassed by his wealth and a large number of people appear not to be troubled by it.  The charge of anti-semitism is disputed by none other than Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump’s Jewish daughter.   The racist charge is based on his opposition to illegal immigration from Mexico and unrestricted immigration from several Muslim countries.  This opposition is widespread and not necessarily based on race.  The crucial criticism, however, is that he is not legitimate because he was put in power by the Russians. The newly elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez commented, “Frankly, what we need to be looking at is whether this election was rigged by Donald Trump and his buddy, Vladimir Putin.”  The allegations about Russian interference are based on a amateurishly produced dossier that purports to show that Trump is being blackmailed.

President Bush has echoed the leftist claim that Trump is against the media.  James Acosta asked, aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment?”  Calling something ”fake news” undermines our confidence in our news media.  It is not Trump who has undermined confidence in the media.  This has been done by the media itself.  It is not just negative news.  It is often hateful news.  Trump remarked, “I watch CNN, it's so much anger and hatred.” This hatred for the president has become so obvious that people who are not Trump “fans” have began to comment on it.  Ben Stein remarked, “Every day you pick up The New York Times, every day they’re slamming, slamming, slamming [Trump]. I’m a great fan of CNN; I watch it quite faithfully, every day CNN is slamming him, slamming him, slamming him.”  Stein believes, “They’re hoping, I think, to do to him what they did to Nixon a long time ago.”  

Trump repeatedly mentioned his respect for members of the media: “there's nobody I have more respect for -- well, maybe a little bit but the reporters, good reporters,” “some of the media is fantastic, I have to say - they're honest and fantastic.”  It is clear that he only opposes those member of the media who are out to destroy him.   This section of the media has become predictable.  The President said, “But I'm having a good time.  Tomorrow they will say, ‘Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.’   I'm not ranting and raving. I'm just telling you. You know, you're dishonest people.”  The CNN headline was actually “Trump attacks media in lengthy, combative press conference.”

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