Sunday, March 12, 2017

Book Review - Germany’s War by John Wear

Germany’s War is a revisionist account of the Second World War. It is copiously footnoted and contains much new information. Therefore it will not win any awards and will be completely ignored by the people who publicize books. Wear will be mercilessly attacked. Revisionism is a difficult arena. Hollywood produces new films every year that keep the myths alive. Respected “historians” like Steven Ambrose try to assassinate the character of researchers like James Bacque. Ambrose was a plagiarist who fabricated much of his information about Eisenhower yet he denounced Bacque. Revisionist must be demonized. They cannot be interested in the truth. The must be denounced as Nazis.
The facts they uncover are unbelievable. Could an American president really provoke a foreign power to make a surprise attack on U.S. forces? Could Americans be responsible for a genocidal program that resulted in the deaths of millions of women and children? People seeking to denigrate the United States are curiously uninterested in this period of history.
There is so much information to cover that Wear can be forgiven for not covering some areas in more detail. The role of Harry Dexter White deserved more emphasis. I think his information of the holocaust should have been included in a later volume. As he points out, this is a religious subject. Provable facts will have no impact and the consequences of pointing them out could be dangerous. If Wear is ever invited to Europe he might find himself in an embarrassing situation.
Wear’s critics should be prepared for more revisionism. It appears that the times are changing and people are more willing to face the truth.

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