Sunday, January 19, 2014

Health Care Plans Gang Aft Agley

  Few people would claim that our present health care system is ideal.  Much of the argument for government run health care insurance is based upon the disparities in life expectancy among various nations.  The United States is rated somewhere between 40 and 50th in life expectancy among nations according to international organizations.  This argument scrupulously ignores demographic factors. Different demographic groups lead different lifestyles.  The differing lifestyles lead to different life expectancies.  Black men in Harlem have a shorter life expectancy than men in Bangladesh.  Is the health care system in Bangladesh better than the health care system in Harlem?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Vox populi, vox Mohammad?

In November 2011, at the height of the optimism about the regime change in Libya, the following article appeared.  In light of the Egyptian rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood, it may have been less accurate in its predictions.  However, it does predict that the "Arab Spring" was not destined to be the panacea that it was presented to be.