Friday, October 14, 2016

The "Great" Debates

On 19 October Donald Trump will be debating Hillary Clinton and Chris Wallace.  The results of this debate should not be that much different from the second debate against Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz or the first debate against Clinton and Lester Holt.  Donald Trump improves with experience.  His opponents do not.  You would think that they would realize that by taking an obviously biased position they actually harm their cause.  They are so conditioned to people being submissive in the face of elite media criticism that they do not know how to deal with Trump.  He goes on the offensive to the cheers of his audience. 

In his confrontation with Lester Holt, Trump gave his opposition ammunition.  Holt said, “You supported the war in Iraq.”  Trump responded, “That is mainstream media nonsense.  I was against the war in Iraq.”  To this Holt replied “The record shows otherwise.”  “The record” does indeed show that Trump tentatively supported the invasion.  However, it is an extremely flimsy record.  On a talk show in 2012 prior to the invasion Trump was asked if he favored invasion.  He responded tepidly, "Yeah, I guess so.”  This was hardly a strong endorsement of invasion and obviously subject to change.

The significant point here is that the moderators were not as zealous when Hillary Clinton distorted the truth.  When Trump pointed out that Clinton was Secretary of State when Obama made his famous “line in the sand” comment, Clinton claimed that she was not Secretary of State at that time.  Obama made his threat in August 2012.  Clinton served as Secretary of State from 2009 until 2013.  

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