Sunday, October 9, 2016

Never Clinton

Paul Ryan in effect has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  He calls himself conservative because that is the only way to be elected in his district.  He is an Arlen Specter.  He has voted consistently to back Obama’s spending program.  If Trump is elected a lot of things will be revealed.  There would even be some prominent Republicans going to jail.
Trump’s opponents’ outrage is synthetic.  They were looking for any excuse to oppose Trump.  Bill Clinton committed perjury.  That is an established fact. It may be brought up by the “moderators” (those media clowns selected by the “bipartisan” committee composed of Democrats and people like Paul Ryan.)  This article is a good example of what Trump is up against.  The author, Seema Mehta, is either stupid or dishonest. “His description of a Mexican American judge as incapable of judging a case fairly because of his heritage.”  Trump did not oppose this judge because he was Mexican.  He opposed him because he is biased as illustrated by his membership in La Rasa.

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