Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mark Pickles Joins the Linkedin Discussion

Mark Pickles: Perhaps you were in a hurry when you wrote the above, because it is incoherent and pointless. Yes, of course "young males" can run further distances and survive more oceans. Perhaps, John, as a young man were a rare type indeed, who can convince us you would have accepted death by fire or pulverisation by bombs, and not felt inclined to survive. I cannot believe that 80% of refugees are young men. All the refugee camps in the Middle East are full of families with children.

John Dietrich: My apologies for being incoherent and pointless. I was waiting for Godot at the time.  I don’t quite understand, “Perhaps, John, as a young man were a rare type indeed, who can convince us you would have accepted death by fire or pulverisation by bombs, and not felt inclined to survive.”  I am easily confused but I don’t believe I said or implied that.  I also have to apologize for my 80% figure.  Check,  Of course by Swedish standards you can be 46 years old and declare yourself a child.  The 80% figure is frequently used.

John Dietrich: I think I figured out that sentence I quoted.  Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you left out the word “you” between man and were.  If this is the case it is a very revealing sentence.  It exposes you as a thoroughly modern man.  It is a personality type described by Charles Reich in Greening of America and Norman Mailer in The White Negro.  A type all too common today.  A type that cannot conceive of sacrificing its life (or in some cases its comfort) in defense of those it loves.  I have never been in such a situation.  However, I would hope that I had the courage to die with dignity.

Je suis Pepe.

Mark Pickles

John.  Once again, what you have written is incoherent.

I write for a living. English is my native language, and I speak five languages, and I'm highly intelligent.  And so I suspect the inability to for us to communicate is not my problem

But, hey, I must make allowances for the Yanks. They are almost all monoglots, and apparently half of them cannot accept that planet Earth is over 6000 years old. And this is the same half USA: the "exceptional" nation, the "indispensable" nation that this year will choose to impose Clinton or Trump on the world.

The USA's own “Pew Research Center”, which describes itself as “a nonpartisan fact tank”, has a paper on its website called “People see a future of promise and peril”. In the paper we read that 58% of the people of the USA believe that a world war within a generation is “definite or probable”.  And we also read that 41% of Yanks expect that “Jesus will return to Earth before 2050” (this is 41% of the whole population, not just the Christians) and 13% don’t know.

58% of Yanks believe that an imminent world war is probable. And most of these believe that the USA is being called on by God to bring the world into a kind of violent redemption. 

In the meantime, the Peacemakers amongst us are getting on with the job, knowing that the USA will become as irrelevant as the Philistines were to King David.

Dear Mr. Pickles,

Thank you for informing me that you are highly intelligent.  As for our inability to communicate, I will leave that to a third party.  But then again they may be lacking in intelligence.  I too am a polyglot.  Does that make any difference.  I’m a Buddhist so I can’t speak for the Christians.  As for the U.S. becoming irrelevant as the Philistines, “Great” Britain has been doing a great job of becoming one with Nineveh and Tyre.  Please let me know what you “peacemakers” are doing to get on with your job.  Sounds like busybodies poking their noses in other people’s business.  We have plenty of those here in the U.S.

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