Friday, September 2, 2016

Clinton Rally Photos v. Trump Rally Photos

I was going to compare photos of Trump rallies with Clinton rallies.  I googled “Trump rallies” and copied a photo of Trump’s Dallas rally showing quite a few thousand people.  Next I googled “Clinton rallies.”  I saw a couple of photos of crowds as large or larger than the Dallas rally.  I was about to quit saying to myself, “There goes that theory.”  However I took a closer look at the photos and it turns out they were Barney (I call him Barney) Sanders rallies.  Why do they put Sanders rally photos on a Clinton image search? 

Trump Dallas Rally
Sanders Rally under Clinton Rally Images

  My original theory was correct: Trump rallies are significantly larger than Clinton rallies.  To be fair I should have included a photo of a Clinton rally with higher attendance.  Why be fair?  Most of the photos shown by the “mainstream” media are shot at an angle to be advantageous to Clinton.  However here is her Baltimore rally where 5,000 people showed up.  
Clinton Omaha Rally

Clinton Baltimore Rally Early in Campaign
Attendance numbers at political rallies do not necessarily indicate a candidates strength.  However, when the numbers are so dramatically different it will be almost impossible for the loser to steal an election.

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