Sunday, May 29, 2016

Silencing Conservatives

The recent demonstration at DePaul University in which conservative speakers were prevented from speaking is yet another example of the left’s ability to shut down conservative speech.  The conservative group that arranged the event was required to pay for additional security.  Yet when protestors invaded the stage, seized a microphone and threatened the speakers, security did nothing.  Law enforcement was not completely inactive, however.  The police managed to make one arrest.  A conservative filmmaker, Jeremy Segal, who had permission from the group to tape the event was arrested when a school administrator told him to stop filming.  What could they possibly not want to be shown?  Like cockroaches panicking when the lights are suddenly turned on, liberals do not want their activities to be publicized.  When they are exposed to the public they suffer the consequences.  The vast majority of Americans oppose their agenda.  Sell your Target stock.   University of Missouri attendance is down.  Melissa Click of the University of Missouri lost her job for requesting some “muscle” to remove a reporter.  Of course, she will not have trouble finding a new job because she is part of the Hive.  Cora Segal, “Trigglypuff,” has acquired more than her share of 15 minutes of fame.  The video of her is far from flattering.

The left claims that they will not tolerate hate speech.  One complaint asks, “If a student group wanted to bring a speaker to defend the Rwandan genocide, would they have a right to do so? Where is the boundary here?”   Yes, where is the boundary?  Leftist universities have been granting honorary degrees to genocidal maniacs for generations.  Winnie Mandela, Elena Ceausescu, Robert Mugabe, and Mengistu Haile Mariam are just a few of them.  If Che Guevara were still alive he would probably be showered with honorary degrees.

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