Monday, January 22, 2018

Beautiful Haiti

The LA Times reports that Conan O'Brien is filming a Haiti special as a rebuke of Trump's disparaging remarks
Conan O’Brien is shooting a “Conan” travel special in response to President Trump’s recent disparaging remarks about the country.  He tweeted: “Follow me all this weekend in real time as I explore this beautiful country. #ConanHaiti”  O’Brien remarked, “I have no idea what the president has against the people of Haiti, but if the president doesn’t like them, they must be lovely people,”  adding, “I’m sure I’m going to love Haiti, because Trump hates it so much. What I’ve noticed is whenever that guy hates something, I wind up loving it.”  Only one person accused the president of using the word shithole and that person is a proven liar. (He claimed a GOP leader told Obama he could not stand to look at him.)  The president, two senators and a cabinet member deny it.  This pathetic “man” makes a good living flimflamming the public.  He stresses the fact that Trump hates the people of Haiti.   President Trump does not hate the people of Haiti.  Conan the Idiot is perfectly happy with his fellow leftists who have made billions exploiting the suffering of the Haitian people.  This is the real scandal.  Anderson Cooper, another leftist idiot, claims Haiti is among the richest countries in culture.  Part of that culture is an acceptance of corruption and criminality.  Conan ’s efforts will result in nothing.  You could spend a couple of trillion building luxury apartments in Haiti and in a few years it would be back to where it was.  The problem is the Hatian people.  They may be among the most pleasant people in the world but their values condemn them to a life of misery.

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