Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Miners Of Macedonia Respond

We’re not afraid of Hillary Clinton.  She’s a bully we’ve dealt with older white women trying to keep us down.
We have mined in war zones.  She is trying to ruin our lives forever, forever. The death threats that we are getting are constant and they are detailed and they are serious and specific.  Today it’s us and tomorrow it could be you.
She broke us.  She broke us. She broke us.  And then we were like this is not right.  We apologized because this was the right thing to do and we meant it. Our impression is that she mobilized her armies or bots or whatever to attack us.
She is using us as a shiny object.  We all know what’s going on here  She’s using us as a shiny object so that no-one is talking about her email investigation.

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