Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chris Cuomo to the Rescue.

“Journalist” Chris Cuomo, who works for an obscure extreme left wing news outlet, has come out in opposition to the President’s reversal of Obama’s transgender bathroom order.  Cuomo feels that the problem with 12 year old girls sharing restrooms with males is possibly “overprotective” dads: “i wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad?  teach tolerance.”  We have to learn to be more tolerant.  He asks, “And tolerance and acceptance of people who are different than you is not essential?”  How tolerant is Cuomo of his critics?  He claims that calling something “fake news” is the equivalent of calling someone the “n” word.  What is so bad about calling someone a nebbish?

Prominent Jesuit priest Father James Martin, editor-at-large of America magazine, also spoke out on the subject of transgender bathrooms.  Martin said the Church should embrace homosexuality's "special gifts."
"It doesn't hurt anybody" for boys to be allowed in girls bathrooms and vice versa, Martin tweeted. "It's an affront to their dignity as human beings" to deny men access to women's restrooms and vice versa.

Martin said the Church should embrace homosexuality's "special gifts."

Chris, "Be more tolerant."

While we are in such a tolerant nonjudgmental mood how about saying a few nice words about the gentleman below.

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