Friday, February 19, 2016

Response to James Lewis' "Suicidal Overcompensation in Germany" in American Thinker

            James Lewis provides a pretty accurate appraisal of conditions in Europe and the problems resulting from its immigration policy.  The coming collapse is the result of 70 years of indoctrination: “The European and U.S. left wing hammered multi-cultism into millions of human heads, 24 hours a day, shoving it down in the schools and insisting on perverse glorification of violent tribal groups, like Muslim Somalis in Minneapolis.”  Many of the members of the Office of War Information, responsible for instilling a sense of collective guilt in the German population following WWII, returned to the U.S. and took high positions in the U.S. media.  They have been successful in convincing many people that all Germans are guilty of the holocaust and all Caucasians are beneficiaries of “White privilege.”  The Russians and the Chinese (the leaders of mass murders) feel no corresponding sense of guilt.  Propagandists have also played a role in encouraging gender confusion: “Europe has been emasculated by two generations of anti-male, anti-realist, fantasy propaganda.”

My only disagreement with Lewis is that this anti-Western elite is not “self-loathing.”  These elitists have secured their innocence by recognizing the guilt of the West. They are the elite, absolved of guilt.  They are not part of the guilty masses. Occasionally they slip up and reveal their pathology.  After Robert Kennedy's assassination, Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler lamented, "There's no one who represents us anymore."  Asked whom he meant by "us," he replied, "The black and the young and the poor."  Chandler was not black, young or poor.

There are members of the elite, even patriotic members, who work for this destructive agenda. As Lewis states, “Nobody can purge the rot, because everybody is either on the take or open to blackmail.”  He gives the example of Jeffrey Epstein who invited Bill Clinton to his Lolita Island off the Florida coast.  Epstein has videotapes of everything that transpired.  Epstein owns Bill Clinton.  Epstein is not an isolated individual.  His methods were perfected decades ago by the KGB.  Lewis points out, “Today the London Daily Telegraph claims that 261 British politicians are directly implicated in child sexual abuse rings in the U.K.”  It is unlikely that all 261 of these politicians were anti-British.  However, I might be wrong.  

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